Split Series #1 : Warren Franklin

by Sleep Bellum Sonno

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    A cassette tape split with Warren Franklin (IL) released in a limited pressing of 100 hand numbered tapes for summer tour 2010.
    Available at www.keepittogetherrecords.com/007




released September 17, 2010



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Sleep Bellum Sonno New York, New York

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Track Name: O, The Wonderful Ways we will Ourselves to Death (Shelter)
O, The Wonderful Ways we will Ourselves to Death (Shelter)

There's a light left on, there's a man in my basement, but behind those walls I wonder who's the stranger?
Who lifts you up, will put you down.

I've always tried to believe, if I'd raise my hands there'd be someone who could reach me, but my wrists are tied and the weight is steadily increasing.
Wasn't long before, our foundation held some truth.

So who's the coward, who walks away when we all fall? Who let you in?
I may have faltered, cast all my cares into the sea,
but I still believe, real friends won't turn their backs when the others leave.

What gets you off will cut you down.

I never thought I'd need to be locked away to find shelter from myself. But my heart is swayed and I'm so comfortable with doubt, along with beggars, and butchers, and wolves, and thieves.
O' the wonderful ways we will ourselves to death.

I should've been a better brother,
but that's not a title I can defend,
Instead of talking to each other,
we just whisper and pretend
that it all seemed for the best.

What happens when the words fall on deaf ears?
I wonder, are my tries too late?

What if I can't commit to be a better man?
What if my wife and kids will never understand?
If isolation was the gift, what will become of such a wealthy investment?

I don't want to have to lock my doors.
I don't feel safe inside this home, cause in the end I'd give up anything just for a place to call my own.

I lost the light, it flickered then cracked.
My picture never fit the frame, now the sum of my parts aren't half what is whole.
I cut you off, severed your hands,
played dominoes with your broken smile.
Track Name: This Is Not (Ending)
This is Not (Ending)

Our pride is our only foe,
we won't have to fight for long.
Our pride is our only foe.

There's a crack in the framework, who will cast the first stone? Put your words into motion,
forget the masquerade and stomp those devils out.
My mind is an ocean, neither here nor there.
We're such delicate vessels, if we don't stay the course, we'll suffer the same fate.

Our ship has been swallowed whole, into the belly of the blue, our names are echoes upon the shore, and we're gone before we ever knew.

Now we watch and we prey on young ideas and foolish dreams.
We divert and betray everything we promised.
Now we scheme and deceive, curse and spread rumors of lust and deceit, close your eyes and you'll see us.

I've gotta admit I've loved these prison walls,
the way the structure seems to encompass all my dreaming. There's a certain safety found in giving in, but I've never felt too inclined to bask in all my scheming.

They told us we're the captains of nowhere,
we're the offspring of nothing, but I'll tell you the truth, it's what you make it to be!

I am not finished here, this is not an ending.
I am the only one, keeping me from seeing.
I am not finished here, this is not an ending,
I am not finished here, this is not ending.